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The Fruitmaster Program is your boost to a never-ending supply of fruit rewards. More Points. More Rewards. More fruits to enjoy.

Here’s how it works:

Register to become a member

Purchase any one of our
Gift box or Basket

Become a White Belt Member

Earn and collect points

Redeem Points

White Belt member
  • Every $1 spent = 1 points
  • Extra Birthday points 1500
  • Collect 15000 points within 12 months to become a red belt member
  • 1000 bonus points for achieving status and lifetime membership
Red Belt member
  • Every $1 spent = 1.5 points
  • Extra Birthday points 3000
  • Collect 50000 points within 12 months to become a black belt member
  • Collect 7500 points within after achieving status to maintain membership
Black Belt member
  • Every $1 spent = 2 points
  • Extra Birthday points 5000
  • Collect 25000 points within after achieving status to maintain membership
How do I redeem my points?
At the confirmation page, simply choose how many points you’d like to use on your purchase in increments of 2000 to redeem your rewards. The reward points will automatically be turned into cash dollar which will then be deducted from your total bill. The minimum points you can redeem on a purchase is 2000 points which is equivalent to 100HKD.
How many points do I have?
To find out about your rewards balance go to My Account, and then your point balance will appear under the Fruitmaster Program tab.
You can also see your points at the confirmation page.
JOIN US on your journey to become the ULTIMATE FRUIT MASTER!
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