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About us

There are many places to buy produce. What’s so special about our fruits?

Well, clearly we think our fruits are fresh and delicious, or we wouldn’t be selling them.

But taste aside, where they come from and why they taste so good are just as important. We are passionate about bringing fresh, high quality fruits to our customers, so we travel to farms around the world to find farmers who share the same passion.

Our partners in the farms not only show us their dedication to farming, but also educate us on various aspects (water, soil, weather, seeds, variety, timing, etc.) that are needed to grow fruits with the perfect combination of sweetness and flavor.

We want to share our knowledge of fruits with all our customers so that they will be able to tell apart good and poor quality fruits, know where the fruits are from, and realize which fruits are in season.


Each season we visit our overseas partners to assess the quality, and import directly from them if we feel the fruits are excellent. When the fruits arrive in Hong Kong, our quality control team inspects the fruits to make sure the fruits are in impeccable condition and store the fruits under the ideal temperature.

Once we receive your order, we will carry out a final round of quality inspection. If the fruits are up to our standard, then we will seal the box with our company sticker and hand them off to our logistic partners. Fruits are delivered within 48 hours from final inspection. With our approach we promise the best of quality and assure your satisfaction. We hope that you are happy with your orders and love our fruits as much as we do.

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